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The Armory Internship is a school-based enterprise (SBE) - an entrepreneurial experience preparing students to operate a business providing goods and services to meet the current needs of our society. This course will provide students insight into the theory behind buying, storing, pricing, advertising, displaying, selling, financing, and other activities necessary for successful business operations. It is suggested that students complete an accounting and/or marketing course before enrolling in the course. You will be earning college credit along with gaining insight into how a business operates. Students will need to apply for, and be accepted into, a position in the Armory. The application and requirements are located below.


Graduation year; 2022-2023

Apply to the Armory: Applications open from 12/03/2020 To 12/22/2020

1. Fill out the Google Form

Printed Documents in professional folder: DUE TO HUBER BY 12/22 - email or drop off to Room 117.

2. Two Letters of Recommendation (ask a teacher, counselor, coach, employer, etc.)

3. Resume (Printed)

4. OCHS Official Transcript (Email Guidance counselor)

If you have any questions please email Mrs. Huber at